Tracie Hayes

One Meter By One Meter 1
clay, pvc pipe, plastic, aluminum, asphalt, charcoal, gravel, glass, plant matter
39 x 39 x 4 in.

I am an ecologist and artist interested in the fusion of these two disciplines, in terms of both aesthetics and process. In the same sense that ecological studies begin with creativity, I am interested in the role scientific processes can have in artwork creation. I think about hypotheses, data collection, data presentation, and ecological models. I make diagrammatic sculptures with thread, wood, clay, and collected materials.

I draw from my background of moving between landscapes as a scientist. Engaging with Robert Smithson’s idea of site-as-consciousness, I methodically gather data from my surroundings with both direct collection methods and indirect gestures that link to a location and build up a dataset of experience. Collecting, archiving, and documenting serve as the core of how I work.

I create structures that give a sense of usefulness, as if a scientific instrument, but also that act as results of an analysis. I consider how information is translated from environment to scientific data, so iteration plays an important role in my process. A final piece is a remnant of the scientific method working, a result of the scientific method completed, or both of these combined.

© Tracie Hayes