Tonia Hughes

Pink Show
3 minutes, 3 seconds silent

From the philosophical beginnings of Marxism, society has been programmed to think of the world in terms of binary opposition, that being, that humanity can be divided into opposing categories. For example, we separate gender into male and female, race into black and white, sexuality into gay and straight, and socio economic standing into rich and poor. The reality of this situation, however, is that there are no true lines that can be drawn in any such groupings. Wealth is certainly debatable in our current economic climate when million dollar homes are selling for a fraction of what they are worth, and individuals whose salaries are high are bankrupt due to misuse of credit. Race is incredibly blurred, studies show that many individuals seen as Caucasian have heredity that include Black African descent and vise versa. Even sex is difficult to accurately label with such situations as XXY chromosomal patterns and hermaphrodites. So when questions regarding sexuality are raised, how do we classify who is gay, straight, or bi? When an individual masturbates, does that make him gay? It is a same sex relation, is it not? When the video of a rose creates arousal in the viewer, does it mean that the individual is herbasexual? Even more importantly, why does it matter? As biological beings, we are designed to desire sex in whatever form it comes. Why then is there so much political and moral turmoil over something so benign? We don’t have such debates over food or drink preferences, choice of shelter, or the fulfillment of other biological needs. Isn’t it time for humanity to evolve past the unnecessary and innately flawed concept of labeling and the judgment such labels create?

© Tonia Hughes