Tomoko Suzuki

Catch 1
woodcut print
24 x 31 in.

Catch 2
woodcut print
31 x 24 in.

In Buddhism, lotus flower is a symbol of enlightenment. It blossoms out of a muddy pond. The muddy pond is a metaphor for human struggles and sufferings. Only through challenging them, one can transform them into joy. In fact, the world we live in and the life we lead, though, at times seems to only offer grief, is our direct source of absolute happiness. Each human life is an element of the muddy pond and the magnificent lotus blossoms are rooted in it.

Life is also like a drama. The world around each individual is the stage he/she acts on. Each of us is the author of play. Each of us is a leading star. We all are each other’s co-stars. Sometimes, we are in control of where it is going, other times, stories dictates the way we act. At times, you may feel like falling but you really are floating. Other times, you might think your enemy is pulling your legs but really they are helping you fly up. My figures are symbols of human drama of challenges, struggles, sufferings, joy, and victories.

© Tomoko Suzuki