Therese Rozeboom

acrylic, pine needles and pine cones on canvas

The “Shadowplay Series” started as a digression. On my way down to the beach to do research for another series of paintings I’m working on, I was captured by the play between the sun and the trees on the path. Luckily I had my camera, and I took a new picture for every few steps until I was out of the forest.

For the paintings I decided to try to recreate the texture of the forest path. I gathered pine cones and needles and made them part of the underlying structure of the work. This is the first time I have worked in black and white and I think the lack of color communicates the range of moods – from light to dark. This work is part of a series that I am exhibiting in Galleri Mamen, Jeløy of 2008.

© Therese Rozeboom