Tania Blanco

Strong Women (August 2018)
collage and acrylic on panel framed
10 x 13 in.
Somewhere Within the Well of Silence (12/2017)
mixed media and collage on wrapped canvas
12 x 12 in.

As an abstract painter, I begin each work with intuition as my guide and am usually inspired by some aspect of nature or a moment I may have dreamed or witnessed. Each work starts with a few organic shapes and gestural strokes. The activity or sentiment is expressed by the multiple gestural strokes evolve with each layer, allowing some of the first layer to peek through subsequent layers. The layering process ends when I feel the work is complete. The entire work is somewhat meditative, and I prefer to work in silence. Occasionally, however, I listen to classical music that reflects the mood of the work and the event or image that first inspired it.

© Tania Blanco