Sydney Daniel

What Does a Raven Look Like?
inkjet print, jute twine
53 x 42 in.

My work addresses our deception relationship with memory and how we process memories psychologically. I creates large-scale hybrid objects which derive from expired instant film as a vehicle to express how time manipulates the past. I explore the act of constant remembering and repeated recollection. Through texture, trompe l’oeil and large scale printing I am able to visually articulate the distortion, degradation and warping of a memory. Memories, like expired film, are inaccurate; they are impressions within our minds constantly evolving and blurring over time.

My satisfaction as an artist is found in the large scale printed iteration of the Polaroid and then by visual responses through layered application of media, continuing to distort the original image repetitively. I am chasing the sensation of reveal and realization of the true nature of the objects I am creating.

© Sydney Daniel