Susanne Swanson-Bernard

The Haunting (2019)
10 x 8 in.

A Dangerous Game (2017)
7.5 x 8.25 in.

I am a three time published Children’s Book author and Columnist as well as a Photographer. In the last five years, I’ve also experimented with Collage. As an artist, all that surrounds us at any point and time is intriguing to me. I am a firm believer that all we see and do is worthy of documentation. That documentation can come in the form of art. Art is an ancient language that has been practiced as long as time has existed. It brings me great joy to share my art with anyone that’s willing to speak that language.

Touch is yet another way to communicate. We are visceral creatures that do not thrive without the human touch. In times like the present where Social Distancing is necessary to save our very lives, we wilt like water-less flowers, seeking the touch of our loved ones, or even strangers who can identify with us. We reach out like roots of a clever plant seeking water, unafraid of what we may run into. Touch is priceless, touch, or its promise, sustains us!

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