Susan Wei

Children Are Not Criminals
mixed media
36 x 30 in.

The call to the artists to be the “meaning makers” for their time and culture is a high one and only a few stands the test of time in their works. But if an artist can engage the audience in the creative process and open new windows and doors on truth and the life of heart, mind and spirit that alone is a worthy ambition. As is true for all visual artists I use the language of color, line, composition and design. I dye, paint, discharge, print and manipulate fabrics to create what my mind and heart see. My work grows from my enjoyment with fabrics, textures, dimensions, layers and colors. I hope to move the hearts, minds and imaginations of the viewers by the interplay of these materials to think in new ways about the meaning of events, issues and peoples and cultures in the world around us and to bring a pause and a space to contemplate and reflect upon the direction and purpose of life. I hope my pieces will find a home, move a heart, cause laughter, tears, or quiet calm. I hope for nothing more than an engaged audience.

© Susan Wei