Susan Norton-Scott

Growing Interest
mixed media; 24 x 30 x 3 in.

Following the lead of E. O. Wilson, my surrealistic images ask that we “question the questions” that frame our reality. By changing the questions we ask, we open ourselves to innovative responses, and redefine ourselves in the process.

Wilson uses the term “consilience” to describe the synthesis of knowledge from different specialized fields of human endeavor. How can “consilience” be applied to the issue of global warming? How can we balance opposing needs to reach a solution that is fair and just? Wilson’s “Forest Now Declaration” prescribes ensuring that carbon credits for reduced emissions from deforestation and the protection of standing forests are included in all national and international carbon markets.

“Growing Interest” is a light-hearted look at growth; rebirth; “green thumbs” and being firmly planted in the ground. The $20 bill is real; but what does money truly mean for one’s development? Wilson explored the relationship between forest re-growth and human economy.

© Susan Norton-Scott