Susan Lehman

Night Watch (2017)
acrylic collage diptych on panel
20 x 40 in.

My 91 year old mother has been living in a skilled nursing facility for almost three years after a fall. She tested positive for coronavirus six weeks ago. My sister and I have phoned her daily so that we can hear for ourselves just how she is doing, and since we cannot visit her, to keep her in touch with family.

We talk about the weather, her current temperature, her blood oxygenation, what she is eating/not eating and her deep breathing exercises. So far she has shown no symptoms even though her much younger roommate has died from Covid complications. These acrylic collaged pieces were done after my mother’s fall, with the last one completed during her quarantine. She has just tested negative and they will retest to get the 2nd negative to update her status.

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