Stephanie Holliger

Entangled – July (2019)
digital illustration
11 x 17 in.

I believe our truths are connected to something larger than ourselves, and because of this, truth doesn’t always align with what we want to be true. Truth makes hard decisions for us at times because it knows that we’re settling for something that’s not worth our energy. My work as a whole addresses the difficult, and ongoing, but necessary, journey towards our truths.

Although each of my works varies slightly in style, a consistent motif used to represent this journey are hands. Hands speak to who we are in a multitude of ways, and as such, they play an important part in self discovery. My style of work tends to lean towards scarcity. The use of simple lines, few colors, and simple shading, (if any) are utilized to create a sense of individualism as our journey paths will often times differ from one another and come at different times.

© Stephanie Holliger