Sia Serafina

Heels from the Bathtub Series
film photography
7 x 15 in.

My work explores the realities and the struggles of being an empowered womxn both inside and outside of my work in the sex industry. I mainly work with film (which usually takes on a very unpolished quality because I develop a lot of it in my bathtub), and charcoal (using repetition, prints, and collage to make organic shapes out of the drawings).

At the core of my work is the centralized idea that bodies of femmes (especially sex workers) are consistently broken apart throughout our lives, and we are faced with the task of putting them back together. While the rebuild after trauma may not end up being what we originally were, while it may not be what society deems “correct” or “proper,” the way that we rebuild still is able to evoke some sense of belonging and unity. My film photos are very intimate and personal… I explore femininity, imperfection, and finding space between movement and stillness.

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