Shir Ende

Move/ Remove/ Place/ Displace
video installation

My work considers the reconstruction of space and the construction of fluid boundaries to form a perpetual change in an environment. I was born in Israel, relocated to China, and currently reside in Chicago; I channel this personal history into my work. Utilizing video installation, sculpture and performative processes, I am interested in how one settles in a space and modifies it with the use of domestic objects to create boundaries, structures, and architecture.

In my work I created a site-specific video installation that settles and occupies its space to re-define the ways in which we experience our environment. Through video installations, the work brings the representational space to the physical space. The architecture being projected on is used to highlight and imply boundaries and lines occurring in the videos and ultimately creating new ones. Domestic objects are placed within the physical environment as a continuation of the projections and the lines that occur within them. By studying the domestic space and its formal qualities, familiar objects are being re-purposed to ask viewers to consider familiar objects in an unfamiliar way.

I look for ways in which space is divided and shared. Through my work, I attempt to intervene, adapt, and negotiate between my presence and its surroundings. The work is harmonious but never conquering; parodying but never actually occupying the role of the occupier.