Selena Nawrocki

Silver Shadows Square
mixed media
30 x 30 in.

My works of mixed media images represent compositions utilizing the common thread of Interior Design. An abstract room interior, rendered in informal balance, is created with line, plane, plus tints and shades of color. The effect I am seeking is a mechanized, industrial structure designed to simulate architectural construction elements. Every composition reveals, by its unique strength, how it would resolve itself as it follows the tendencies of its internal forces. I am interpreting nature in its purest, abstract state – constructing a rhythm of pictorial lyricism using reflective objects and staircases. Objects never end – forms intersect with infinite combinations of sympathetic attunements and clashing aversions.

The dominant element in my work is a staircase or group of staircases, which indicates a variety of symbolic meanings. The process of ascending a staircase provides a feeling of a positive, hopeful, or purposeful journey; however, descending a staircase may imply negative, confusing, or depressing sentiments. A traditional staircase is straightforward and proposes an uncomplicated route, but a spiral, twisted staircase may suggest mystery and disorientation. My work typically utilizes a series of staircases both curving and angular providing a dynamic sense of movement while suggesting a complicated, mysterious path ultimately uniting places, ideas, and emotions.

The honesty of materials is my principle focus in developing a machine-age quality enhanced with shadows and light. Even with the constant threat of chaos with the extensive use of diagonals, sharp angles, informal balance and bold color, I have sought an intuitive sense of ideal order.

© Selena Nawrocki