Selden Paterson

Intergrative Ontological Practices by Beta Plus Systems
Digital video installation

Using a variety of new media, my work addresses humans’ evolving futurisms and our relationship with technology through lenses of space exploration and internet culture. I like to work within the constraints of software packages and code languages, using their limitations as an access point to consider the effects of our mediated reality and to examine the physical and digital systems that we inhabit as humans, through new and old visual languages.

“Integrative Ontological Practices by Beta Plus Systems,” my recently-launched self-help cult, is an organization designed to help modern, cyborg humans re-integrate the organic, human-built, and digital parts of themselves. Its teachings and healing regimens are available in a number of audio-visual forms, on- and offline. The project’s subject matter is heavily tied to this exhibition’s idea of code/switch, in that the cult’s foundation is the way humans interact differently with worlds they perceive as separate – in this case, the “natural,” constructed, and digital. IOP B+ aims to bring these back together, but does so while heavily relying on the tropes of each environment’s visual language, and while expressing these ideas almost exclusively through web and digital media.
My other ongoing projects include a number of “corporations” I have founded, including an all-amenities-included colony on the moon and the world’s #1 waterfall museum.