Sasha Dela Anderson

Worled Sonority
encaustic on poplar panels
15 x 18 in.

Although I continue to visually study the world, while painting I observe and respond on a more visceral level. Synaesthetic perception, now studied by neuroscientists refers to the overlap and blending of the senses. To see a sound or hear a color is how I hope that viewers will experience these paintings. Encaustic is a perfect medium for expressing these ideas. It physically appeals to several senses of the body. It smells like honey because of the beeswax content. It has a rich textural surface, and it is visually mysterious because of the many transparent layers. Painting for me is a meditation. In a world where we are constantly bombarded by advertising, pollution, disease and distraction our senses are dulled. We are no longer in our bodies. Experiencing painting provides a way to gently re-enter our own nature. The compositions are very organic, twisting curves, gesturing outside of the picture plane, and I tend toward a bright lively pallet. The imagery can suggest many things, a rolling hill, a shoulder or neck, or even inside the body.

© Sasha Dela Anderson