Sasha Andruzheychik

Van Dyke Brown print on watercolor paper

Inspired by the work of 20th century Surrealists, the Dream Sequence project aims to bring the viewer into a dreamscape where time and space are deconstructed. Through images of imagined creatures, scenes, and objects in this odd, graphic world, the work explores Freud’s theories of the unconscious, dreams, and the uncanny. Like dreams, each photograph is meant to be ambiguous and disjointed from the rest of the work; they are often inspired by personal dreams and fears, figures of speech, automatic techniques, and chance encounters. In many cases, the photographs become a narrative of my experiences and unconscious thoughts, while others rely on the simulation of a dream state by juxtaposing banal subjects in strange ways, creating an altered reality by combining the external world with the inner workings of the mind.

The photographs are made through the use of collage and digital compositing of both found and personal imagery. They are then printed using the 19th century Van Dyke Brown process in order to encourage the viewer to continue questioning the elements of space and time in the work.