Sarah Schneiderman

Flying without a healthcare safety net (Tom Price, 45’s Health and Human Services Secretary #1) (2019)
found and recycled materials and everyday trash
12 x 12 in.

The current presidential administration is chaotic and frustratingly disorganized. The response to the coronavirus has been a disaster. Does the president care about the US population or is he trying to push his version of the truth so he doesn’t look bad?

The appointment of the “best people” and shrinking government seems to be good. A closer look shows the failures of shortsighted decisions such as closing the pandemic office and stopping funding research for a coronavirus vaccine. The long-term effects are not pretty as evidenced by the number of people sick and dying from coronavirus.

Similarly, when my portraits are seen from afar, the viewer sees the likeness of the subject matter. The viewer may even delight in being able to recognize the face or have warm feelings for someone they care about. Upon further inspection, it is revealed that these artworks are made of garbage – torn and cut debris found on the streets or generated through daily living. This work investigates our relationship to political figures and the environment and our visions: Is what we think we’re doing helpful or hurtful? Is what we see real or something else? Is this a treasure or merely trash?

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