Sarah Leslie

Untitled #3 from Kitchen Series
16 x 12 in.

I live on a farm with my husband and his family in the mountains of Northern Italy. As the pandemic of COVID-19 spread across the globe, I didn’t leave the farm for two months, except to go for walks or runs. The village we live in is comprised of a little more than one hundred people. After many weeks I realized I hadn’t seen any other faces besides those of the family. I walked to the village tand before reaching its center, heard people calling to each other, laughter. The moment I reflected, held more significance than before the pandemic. A sense of isolation had heightened my perception and with it an appreciation for what was around me. The twittering of birds, the show of white blossoms on the trees in early spring, a view of the sea, the feeling of sun soaking into my bones, a slant of light, all carried with them a different weight. This image captures one of these moments.

© Sarah Leslie