Sarah Kaiser

We Are Responsible, #1
drawing and photoshop
11 x 8.5 in.

The images I have submitted for this exhibition were inspired by the students that I teach at the Hyde Park Art Center. When I watch them draw, I understand what is on their minds. Since our nation is at war, the children see images on television, and cannot disgest them. Children are fed images that they are not ready for, and these images are prevalent in cartoons, video games, the internet, and more.

To enhance awareness of the effect which these images have on the socialization of our children, I have scanned many of them into my computer, and made digital collages. In some cases, I blended text with the images in order to convey some of the messages I desired to send to viewers.

I do not censor my students; even though the images may be disturbing, the children are merely trying to process some of their emotions, and work through them. I am trying to process them, too. It’s hard to fathom why children are given guns as presents.

© Sarah Kaiser