Sandra Perlow

Foolish Things
monoprint, mixed media – 30 x 22 inches

My work is based on combinations of woodcut, monoprint, collage and acrylic worked onto paper or canvas surface.

The work begins with sketches that come from walks around the city. Ideas are developed from these progressive sketches. As I work on the paintings and drawings, parts of the surfaces shape are eliminated by scrapping, blotting and smearing.


Selection of ideas for work comes from a continual interest in architecture and landscape. I also draw upon daily life, especially from the movement and expressions of people as they interact, which I interpret as shapes and colors in space.


My method of work is important to the final piece as the subject matter. I often use tools that form distinct patterns as I work, such as putty knives, brushes and paper towels. With these tools and the recent addition of fabric and collage materials, I’ve begun what I feel is a exciting new body of work.