Samantha Butkus

Stuck Sipping (2018)
pyrography and watercolor
12 x 6 in.

I am inspired by nature and folklore, using a marriage of the two to help me create and influence my work in an ever-changing manner. I work to keep a light-hearted impression for the viewers of my work, in hopes that they experience a sense of happiness that fosters a connection between their daily lives and the quirky, yet accessible worlds that house my compositions.

I continue to explore mediums and and motifs that allow me to grow and expand from my experiences. This brings endless possibility in terms of incorporating similar themes into the setting of my classroom, while also helping to build a safe environment for students to explore, discover and blossom through their own work.

In my studio, whimsical elements find their way into my artwork as I guide real life subjects away from their natural structures. My dream-like pieces evoke a sense of movement with airy color pallets and loose compositions. From traditional to unconventional, I am always eager to experiment with new mediums to further demonstrate that art is an unlimited resource that can come from anywhere and anything, able to be just as expressive and meaningful to oneself as well as their viewers. I continuously find myself focusing on ideas relating to my family, culture, heritage, surroundings, and how I show appreciation for the culmination of all of these things visually.

© Samantha Butkus