Sabine Senft

#6 Umbilical [El Corazon series]
hand carved fluorite stone, wood, knife, gold leaf
14 x 9 x 9 in.

The dichotomy between beauty and suffering strikes a chord. I work through juxtapositions and contrasts. My work frequently deals with vulnerability, transnationality, past and present and the idea of looking past perfection to reveal and see what lies beneath the surface, literally and metaphorically. I strive for balance. Exuding a balance of process and concept, my art expresses the power and frailty of perception.

1. being a necessary or nurturing link or connection
2. joined together by or as if by an umbilical cord.
first use in 1541
This piece is about cutting ties of seemingly nurturing links, about our perceptions of reality and relationships, not only between mother and child, according to our individual filters.

© Sabine Senft