Rosalind Faiman Weinberg

I am a painter and a printmaker who has traveled and lived in other countries The subject matter I choose to portray is both of representational and reductive or abstract forms. The highly reductive abstract work reflects both my scientific background, where I was trained as a Chemical Spectroscopist and my ethnic background in Judaism. Chemical Spectroscopy is the study of the interaction of light with matter. My Judaism is both a belief and a way of looking at life. Thus, in my art, I try to reflect the interaction of light with the physical, emotional and intellectual matter of the World. My art is a reflection of my interpretation of nature, in both a literal way, as in the realistic paintings, and in an internal way, as in the abstract paintings which produce the “ Internal Landscapes ” of The Prairie Prayer Shawl series. Both interpretations reflect “ my life in the visible spectrum.”

My body of work includes watercolors, pastels, drawings, oils and acrylics on paper, canvas and drafting mylar , etchings, aquatints, softgrounds and a few lithographic prints. The subject matter reflects both my scientific background and my artistic interests, together with some experience working in theater and design. In the last 2 years I have been etching using solar plate and home ground glass as a greener etching process as well as relief printing on wood using Japanese moka hanga tools and techniques. This is because solar plates can be developed using a few drops of water, whereas copper plates and litho stones require mordants and petrochemicals. Modern printmaking also uses water soluble inks which can be cleaned up using the minimum of soap and tap water.

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