Rhonda Urdang

Million Dollar Legs, Run Melania, Run
femmage with hand-cut found paper, historical photograph, digital maniuplation, paper dolls 1970s
16 x 24 in.

My work concerns itself with the intricacies of the collective unconscious. As a feminist artist living and working at 7,000 feet near the sacred San Francisco Peaks in Northern Arizona, symbols and icons are vary much a part of my daily life. The revered sciences of antiquity were recorded in secular and religious symbols that sum up certain occult principles and therefore form layers of fabrications and enigmatic language. Most cryptograms condense a multitude of meanings into one entity and can be interpreted in a cosmic or human sense. Obscure dreams or nightmares of part, present, and yonder often have no key and can be arduous to unravel. Apparitions or disconcerting images act as truth of reality or are deceptions of paranormal communications that serve to distort or omit the complete truth. My art pierces the veil of remembrance with the creation of unpredictable remnants and is an exploration of feminine mythos intended to leave a seductive mark on obscured alignments.

Recollections of cultural personifications and allegory are a vital channel of expression. The recurring arc can be equated with the egg — a sacred pictogram in the cosmology of every people, representing the immense process by which biospheres and all living beings are born. G-d has been a womyn since the beginning of time — a reminder that archeologists believed divinity was considered female for the first 200,000 years of human life on earth. The ovule contains positive and negative forces which together emit camouflaged existence with hidden meanings. The loveliness of the moon has inspired all of womynkind since the beginning of time, especially the magical night sky which rhapsodizes our stellar sisterhood. I’m somewhat more myself in my sleep when my body is in a state of slumber — when images and illusions are formed.

© Rhonda Urdang