Regan Golden-McNerney

Recollected Place
acrylic, graphite and paper
10 x 10 in.

Seeds of a maple, a black walnut shell opened, interior exposed, exterior made whole. A picture of our family – interior and exterior – where we lived and why and what for. This is every image – a snippet, a felt moment, in one family, in one house.

Beside this patient order of natural objects, I collect fragments of memories, open-ended stories, half-words, half-phrases, from poems, from lists, just remembered.

A reordering of information, a reading of the environment as told in books, it is my own sacred text – an alchemy of sifted terms, a distillery of guidebook diagrams, catalogued, but only partially understood.

This is my work, sew in to hold together, pull to unravel, carefully, before a tangle of blue-threaded stories trickles into your lap.

© Regan Golden-McNerney