Rachael Zur

Immemorial Couch
46 x 23.5 in.

Texture becomes a way of communicating touch—my own touch held in my work, and what my viewer imagines feeling with their own hand. By not concealing my touch, I invite my viewer to be close with my thinking and process. Materials used hold the record of how I handled them, the careful articulation of forms or the urgent and quick application of paint. My interest in touch being held in an art work stems from the ceramics made by my late father. Never knowing my father as a child I would place my hands on the indentations in his ceramics as a way to for his hand to reach my own. Art can bridge the distance between the living and dead allowing for a closeness that seems impossible. In this time of isolation I know that traces of my touch held in my work bring optimism and warmth to my viewer. While we remain at home separated from one another, I offer the image of the ordinary items from living rooms that belonged to people who I hold an extraordinary affection for.

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