Pritika Chowdhry

The Bride’s Tongue
oils, wax and acrylics on fired clay
62 x 24 x 18 in.

I examine the psychological effects of violence, in my art practice. In our society, violence is perpetrated in a variety of guises. When I first began to engage with this issue a few years ago, it was from a personal place. The personal and political are synonymous in my work. I address this issue from the reflexive point of view of a woman’s experience of violence and its effects on her psyche.

I examine the liminal space between surviving violence and becoming the perpetrator. I am delving into the treacherous terrain of survivorship, specifically focusing on how the experience of violence perverses the psyche of the survivor. This results in sculptures which blur the distinction between victim and perpetrator.

© Pritika Chowdhry