Pia Cruzalegui

graphics interchange formate imagery and video
6:47 mins.

Art and technology is a powerful combination, and I make use of all digital art forms to immerse the audience into a sensorial experience. My projects take into consideration the vestibular sense, ASMR and frequency wave vibrations. Each of my projects function as vehicles for expression of social and global concerns where I voice my preoccupation. As an artist-curator I am interested in opening up spaces that explore and promote experimental works through new mediums of art to include virtual and augmented realities, while continuing to connect and unpack issues in a visually and auditory stimulating manner and enabling the intersections of filmmaking and visual arts, explorations of the human condition and documentation on femininity, spirituality, immigrant life, Latin America and climate change.

I am devoted to researching global issues from my standing as a modern woman and a 21st century curator and artist, often raising the query of my position as an expat Latin American, a foreigner in my North American home, a friend, a daughter, a lover, a traveller and a professional in a global spectrum. I documents life instances through the lens of my camera, collect video, write and conduct research while riding trains and other forms of massive transit, all of which have become the equivalent of a studio in most recent times.

I am also founder and director of Twisted Oyster Film & New Media Festival, Kinetic Art Projects and the upcoming Otravision virtual project.

© Pia Cruzalegui