Phyllis Jaffe

“Point. Line. Plane.” is a series of abstract paintings based on the theories of Wassily Kandinsky about composition for abstract paintings. He believed composition should be reduced to its elements to the most basic form, complete unto itself. The idea begins with a Point. The point extends to become a line. The line twists and turns to form a plane. Everything can be created or represented through these reduced elements. Kandinsky believed abstract art was based on scientific and mathematical principles. He established the foundation for abstract art, used his own color wheel, and believed painting was a spiritual experience. Both he and Barnett Newman’s “Stations of the Cross” have influenced the spiritual reference of my painting. The best way for me to understand a concept is to incorporate into an experience, thus making it personal. It then becomes the foundation for growth.

This series of paintings represent part of my life’s journey as an artist where everything happens through COLOR and color relationships. The rest is the vehicle.

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