Petra Voegtle

painting on silk
40 x 13 in.

This work belongs to a series called “Magic Creatures.” The intent is to show unusual views and details that are rarely noticed because most people do not take the time to watch their environment closely. Painting momentos from memory and imagination, the images are close enough to reality and thus hopefully lead to further interest and observation of the “real” living being, and finally to an increased awareness toward the environment.

My vision and my goal as an artist are to be innovative, narrative and imaginative. Aesthetic born out of harmony and balance is very important to me but I also want to create a strong dialogue using images from life in all its facets. My approach to painting in particular is consciously female. Women often think that it is necessary to compete with the male predominance. I decided to use female strengths such as sensitivity and enhanced motor capabilities for my painting: therefore I use silk, delicate paints, thread and needle for my work

© Petra Voegtle