Pearl Pualani Ling

Mo’olelo for Oneness
mixed media (drawing on ‘a‘aniu-coconut fiber)
20 x 14 in.

Pearl Pualani Ling specializes in interpretative mo’olelo artwork, pictures that tell a story or history of a spiritual process and/or a worldly event which speaks of Oneness and our Divinity. Depicted as blessings in both the literary and the artwork, petroglyphs tell the story in each picture.

Petroglyphs are our oldest means of written communication between MotherFatherGod, each other, and our environment. The mo’olelo is language in three formats: pictorially, with the meanings of the petroglyphs defined, and literally. Petroglyphs define the meaning of the mo’olelo. An interpretation card is available for each mo’olelo with the literal meaning and the interpretation of the petroglyphs.

The blessing for the Mo’olelo for Oneness states: “For in the center of Mother and Father God in the center of our soul we are born. We come from One Mother and Father in the physical realm we come from two parents male and female, female and male. We are made We are made of the Trinity. It is in the center of us through compasion, wisdom, and kindness that we birth. It is in the memory of One Mother and Father God that we are born in this realm.”

© Pearl Pualani Ling