Patricia Stewart

Race Graced by Ancient Spirits
mixed media mobile
48 x 28 in.

This piece is inspired by the spirits of our African American leaders who have graced us with their talents and energy. These are the spirits of our ancestors. They surround us, intercept for us, encourage us, entertain us, heal us, and provide for us a foundation for us to build on. These spirits symbolize strength, integrity, sensitivity, unity, fidelity, and pride in our African American Heritage. We must seek the influence of these spirits for each spirit is purposeful. We must seek their help. We must consider their guidance. When we contact them, they will answer. They signal against danger, encourage bravery, and reward us with successes. They contact us through our imaginations, our ministers, and in our hearts. Some are straight forward in their guidance while others steer us through unimaginative avenues to lead us to our destinations. Images of spirits appear in a multitude of formats. Spirits are not to be dismissed. They are real.” Patricia Stewart retired as a successful Art Teacher, Art Curriculum Developer, Arts Coordinator, Lead Teacher, Standards Based Curriculum Coach, and Graphic Artist for the Chicago Public Schools.

© Patricia Stewart