Patricia León

mixed media (brass, wood, canvas, acrylic, threat) Installation
2 x 2 in. and 4 x 4 in. | $300

Patricia León’s practice is rooted a documentary photographic approach to the quotidian, of what it entails to be a woman in present days where many influences ranging from global political changes, forced displacement and environmental transformation shape people’s identity. Reflecting on the idea of portraits of women from her own culture, Patricia witnesses the complicated realities without forgetting the beauty itself as it is evoked through the memory regarded a as fragile mirror that, however, is able to embrace its reflection.

Through installations Patricia explore photographic processes on multimedia substrates that physically implicate the audience in the work, making visible how the environment alters identity’s construction. Her current research considers the photographic reproduction as a multidimensional object. Using a combination of printed photographs, recycled materials and even incorporating cut photos into her work, she suggests a direct reference to traditional crafts, constructing sculptural forms that add presence to the powerful visual language of the photograph. Her main concern is the idea of living in a different culture without losing identity.

© Patricia León