Pamela Penney

Orange Creature in a Blue Lagoon II
oil, cold wax, fiber, brass nails, on wood board
11 x 8 in. | $180

As Artist and Stitch Witch I, Pamela Penney, weave a new vision for a woman’s place. I believe that much of the crises we are currently faced with in our culture is due not only to the dominance of a masculine warrior ideal, but also with the loss of feminine values and the connection to our natural world. I utilize traditional feminine crafts such as yarn spinning and weaving to blend my fiber potions, creating a spell to cast toward the desired outcome of raising the visibility and value of what has been viewed as women’s work. As mother and crone I prioritize the use of natural materials and salvaged or re-used components to create sustainable works of art.

© Pamela Penney