Pamela Hobbs

The Last Sleep (Dearly Departed)
sepia-toned silver gelatin print
24 x 27 in.

I am a fine art photographer. My work explores feminine identity. My style is characterized by photographing miniature scenes composed of dolls, plaster figures, sculpted forms and painted backdrops in large format. The black and white photographs are toned and sometimes hand-colored. The effect is surreal and mysterious.

Recently, after the loss of my mother, I have been working on a series of photographs entitled “Dearly Departed,” which deals with the difficult issues of death and loss. Women are pictured in twilight landscapes disappearing into an uncertain future. A woman, who is becoming part of the landscape, stands at a window gazing at the specter of herself in a moonlit scene. Other images picture statuesque forms of women obscured in cocoon-like enclosures, with dried flowers and discarded nests.

© Pamela Hobbs