Nichole Riley

What Builds Us Holds Us (2017)
glass, wood
10 x 10 x 14 in.

My art is all in a moment. It is as innocent as that. There seems to be in me the need to not only capture these moments, but also relate, share, or create one. I have become increasingly more familiar with the fundamental memories and moments that shape us as individuals. Life is full of an infinite series of unforgettable moments; these are what you find at the base of my creative ability. These moments are not recalled by the profound statement they have on life. They need only to be evoked by a primal reaction to an encounter with something abstract and symbolic.

There seems to be a sense of isolation in what I create. I have yet to define that side of my work, but it makes itself present in everything I do. It is present in the limited colored pallet, simple shapes, and even simpler elements. It is a voice of intimacy and connection. The more you can reduce the noise the more one can be in the moment. My art echoes a need for quiet contemplation and perhaps everyone’s need to live in the moment, to be more aware of what is limited, fleeting and intangible. MI)

© Nichole Riley