Natalie Walser

graphite on paper
11 x 14 in.

Our hands connect us as humans. A handshake forms a bond. The volumes a hug speaks could not be written any other way. Physical touch is an exchange of energy, a non-verbal conversation. In this era of social distancing, something as simple as that handshake or hug feels dangerous. Something to avoid, something to fear.

This piece illustrates the current anxiety surrounding touch. The wasps are literal bugs, the stingers a very real threat. A small menace that demands respect. Social distancing creates a buzzing angst around a vital human need. Touch will enter back into our lives, because as humans, we need it. The human spirit is resilient and our desire for connection is strong. Nobody knows yet what the future holds, or how quickly a hug or handshake will feel “normal” again.

For the time being, hands coated with wasps, there is nothing to do but wait.

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© Natalie Walser