Nancie Eichengreen

Garage Attendant and Dog (Working Women of Lima Series)
11 x 14 in.

Strong and determined, the working women of Lima provide many basic yet vital services in this teaming city. In a country ravaged by high unemployment, the Peruvian populace struggles to make ends meet and raise their families. When mainstream employment is unavailable, many create their own small businesses to supply necessities: female street vendors of all sorts provide candies, beverages, fast food and other sundry items. Women work alongside men in gasoline stations, garages and other formerly “masculine” occupations.

Living in America, where time-saving conveniences and monetary assistance from federal agencies for the poor exists, it is easy to forget that many societies do not have it as easy. When circumstances force people to work or starve, necessity becomes the mother of invention. Taking to the streets to put food on their tables, these tenacious women are the backbone of society. The dual role of breadwinner and homemaker is a strenuous task. We have much to learn from their dedication and resourcefulness.

© Nancie Eichengreen