Morgan Ford Willingham

Microchimera (4)
VanDyke and Dass transfer on Stonehenge
10 x 8 in.

From the day Imogen was born, my life/body/sense of self changed. Every second, good, bad, or somewhere in between, is a record of intersecting and diverging experiences of both mother and child.

Inspired by the personal journey of witnessing a child grow from birth through childhood, the imagery in the series (micro)chimera utilizes photographs of an evolving body and drawings by my daughter, from her first mark-making to the sophisticated and complex imagery from art classes in school.

The self-portraits seek to document the experiences of two individual who are in fact part of one another. Historical processes associated with science, observation, and craft are incorporated in these images to reinforce the significance of woman as creator, family historian, and nurturer.

© Morgan Ford Willingham