Moira Carlson

Home on the Range
acrylic on canvas
26 x 26 in.

Sight is a gift. I like looking at stuff. Every day I get up and look at the world and get fascinated once again. Particular visual images speak to me. Often it is the light. Strong graphic images and interesting value contrasts always grab my attention. Drawing and painting are my doors into the mystery.

I use realistic images because they speak to me. When I start using images that are too abstract I feel like I am navel gazing. It gets boring and banal and self-involved. I have to keep myself entertained before I can ever hope to entertain anyone else. I do appreciate the importance of looking inward but I am attracted to looking outward. In the end they are two sides of the same coin and you come to the same place by a different route.

© Moira Carlson