Michael Borowski

Sentinel (2019)
archival pigment print
26 x 40 in.

My artwork calls attention to the role of cultural values and norms in the built environment. The built environment is designed, and design is always political. I work with photography, installation, objects, and performance to explore the contentious space of home and community, addressing themes of migration, intimacy, and queer space. Construction and fabrication are recurrent metaphors in my work. The places we live have been made up. By pointing this out, I hope to call into question what might be seen as normal or commonplace.

The series Feral Infrastructure speculates on the integration of smart technology into the rural landscape. Devices for recording and transmitting data have become increasingly prevalent in cities. These include radio masts and towers, transmitter stations, various antennae, and traffic light cameras. They are installed unobtrusively, often invisible in the daily lives of inhabitants. My photographs draw attention to these devices by situating them in an unexpected context. Seeing them installed in the forest raises questions about their function in both urban and rural areas. Are these forgotten pieces of technology? Or are they intentional installed here? Do they continue to record and transmit data of their surroundings? If so, for whom and for what purpose? My photographs suggest what an Appalachian science fiction might look like, and how future technologies will impact these regions.

© Michael Borowski