Melon Fernsebner

Self-Suck Gender Cis*Orient / Part of The Trans* And Thick Cock Collection (May 2020)
performance, ceramic sculpture, video

This performance takes place in my bedroom, for a live audience and video recording. The first two times I performed the score, I purposely left out any personal items – save for the outlet on my bedroom wall. Placing me in an ambiguously domestic space, the outlet acts as the sole characteristic of the space around the performance. This action could take place in anyone’s bedroom – so long as it has an outlet; this home-video style zoom performance is as vulnerable as a quick masturbation-session, or a brief and sketchy visit to Omegle.

The video recording and the virtual infinity of possible viewers in a zoom performance are of the same time, and potentially parallel relationships with the home and sex ties through gender. In my room, I am safe as a trans* person to sexually and creatively express the extensions of my body that are necessary for my creative development. Outside of my room, I use my cis* passing powers to protect myself. But using both in the online-infinity and zoom format, I can both use my comfort at home and in safe spaces for my trans*ness, as well as manipulate the way in which my body passes societally.

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