Megan Young

Scores for Distributed Dancing
Game cards; 4 x 2 x 1 in.

The Adaptive/Responsive Movement Approach (A/RMA) is a generative tool, conceptual model, and foundation of my current body of work. It has developed out of necessity, while working with dance and interactive media artists toward the creation of installation based works. It now includes several projects.

The A/RMA constructs a shared, but fluid lexicon and perspective for movement practitioners, new media artists, and audiences. A/RMA projects draw from systems theory, computational programming protocols, and directed improvisation techniques. They utilize linear logic, experiment with single trigger operations, and often become complex systems with layered rule sets. The A/RMA is especially useful in developing inclusive events. Viewers form dynamic relationships with moving systems and see how those systems reflect larger social strictures.
This approach to immersive, interactive movement installation as system design has evolved from my sustained interest in womanist perspectives. Specifically, these works uphold my commitment to body centered philosophies, including those of Maurice Merleau-Ponty. I affirm the primacy of physical action and interaction with environment as a chief actor upon the stage of identity formation. My work creates spaces where viewer participants may enter an open and affirming environment of exploration and “becoming”. As Merleau-Ponty might say, we are always on a path of becoming ourselves.