Matina Vossou

Separation (A long death wrapped inside a short sleep)
acrylics on canvas board
15.74 x 11.81 in.

Death means separation but also any kind of separation can be considered a sort of death. When the presence of our beloved person is not there anymore, our memory starts its acting odyssey; wild improvisations, dancing and singing, endless monologues, various roles, tribal masks and fancy costumes, a dense amalgam of real facts and fictional perspectives of how things should have been.

In my painting there are two faces, darkness and a light bulb. Who is dreaming of whom? Does the light come out of the faces? Is the light switched off or on? Are the people really present or are only distant memories, which form their expressions, broken in tiny colorful pieces? Absence is never a place to settle down and get answers but a maze to roam and to wonder.

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© Matina Vossou