Maryangel Garcia

Totem No3
soft sculpture, second hand intimate garment as a base, embroidery, print and painting on textiles
53 x 42 x 42 in.

My artwork touches themes that are inherent to gender, body, and sexuality, supported by personal narratives that belong to the female imaginary. I am interested in the image of the body as a representation of one’s desire, as a dreamlike or oneiric eroticism. Those representations become part of the compositional narrative of the work, where the written word sometimes comes along as part of the composition, it reiterates and resignifies those image, these bodies are embroidered and overflow through the fabrics, in most cases without a frame.

I have accumulated pictures from sex education books and pornographic magazines, appropriating their images, in an attempt to re-contextualize them, as an exercise of poetically portraying these bodies, like a recognition of myself, (those bodies / my body), which are public and anonymous at the same time. These images became stencils, stamps, and transferable drawings, among others, composing the space of the artwork through repetitive and random impressions, a fragmented identity that is manifested in each of the series that make up the entire investigation.
My intention is to dignify my own body and desires, (Del Lat.revestīre) clothing it in itself from within, seeking its truth, let’s say, it is for me an instrument for its own transformation.

© Maryangel Garcia