Mary McFerran

Spring in the time of COVID
assorted textiles
46 x 50 in.

More than a place, HOME is a memory. My 95-year old mother still lives near the town where I grew up. The road is direct to my destination, a straight shot north on the Taconic Parkway, but along the way there are detours- the memories that stir as I drive. There are signposts along the way, the soundtrack of my youth, familiar faces I would no longer recognize, voices unheard for forty years. This is the journey that takes me HOME.

Working in a style of textile quilts allows me to set aside formal concerns and allow the recycled, mostly donated fabric scraps, to direct the initial stage of layout. Texture, color and weave inform my subconscious as I cut, sew, piece, and rearrange until a composition emerges. My preference is to include both contrasting color and discordant elements that set up puzzles to be solved. Embroidery stitching or funky trims finish the work.

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