Mary Gaynier

Special Delivery
cut paper
18 x 17 in.

I discovered my love for the art of Scherenschnitte, or paper cutting, totally by accident in 2001 when I began making simple cut paper snowflakes around the winter holidays. A pleasant diversion became an obsession, and my simple designs evolved into a more complex mix of abstract pattern and identifiable images of everyday life. As a draughtsman ad printmaker with a penchant for detail, I developed more refined cutting skills while maintaining the basic circular or “snowflake” form.

One of the aspects I enjoy most about my work if the element of surprise. I do not know exactly what each cut paper design will look like until I unfold it after all the cuts have been made. The repetition of the design creates a rhythm that takes on a life of its own independent of the identifiable images within the design. That unexpected element of my work always keeps it fresh and exciting for me. I can never wait to cut my next design.

© Mary Gaynier