Marnie Victoria Fender

acrylic; 12 x 12 in.

What will the future hold for the earth’s environment, its ecosystems, for every creature great or small? Will the unrivalled intelligence and industry of human bring development that improves human lives in a responsible and environmentally ethical manner? Or will we develop at the peril of clean water, soil and air – destroying all life that depends on these elements. Do we recognize our custodial relationship to the natural world and the long-term implications of our actions? Will we have foresight and control, or will impetuous behavior, greed or laziness bring irreparable damage?

My current work explores the balancing act between human development and the natural world. I like to juxtapose elements of human development, such as construction, the deterioration of urban neighborhoods, sprawl, pollution, war and genetic reengineering, against fragile creatures of nature, such as bees, frogs and butterflies, whose health and populations are sensitive indicators of imbalances. These small, innocent and gentle creatures are also metaphors for my own small, innocent and gentle child, and the concern and fear I have for his health as even more areas of the world industrialize to unprecedented levels.

© Marnie Victoria Fender