Marjorie Woodruff

Morning Star IV: A Seed Uprising
15 x 27 x 24 in.

My work focuses on the process of constructing visually appealing objects that attempt to evoke an uncomfortable emotional response through addressing difficult political and social concerns, and that also play with the notion of decorative forms. Whether by embracing traditional functional forms for utilitarian use or by stretching the idea of their function into unconventional sculptures, my aim is to provoke conversations—to hopefully “whet the appetite” for dialogue among diverse groups of people regarding issues of power, greed and injustice, whether social/political or environmental.

The Morning Star Series: A Seed Uprising focuses on uncanny historical connection between early weaponry and agricultural implements. This enlarged grain of wheat protected within the Morning Star – the name of a “flail” that dates back to medieval times – is an invitation to join the uprising of resistance. It is a call to take up the battle against industrial agriculture/genetically modified corporate power and return to sound, sustainable agricultural practices to feed the world for coming generations.